About the LARA Curriculum

The LARA Bristol studio has now closed. Please see our London studio to follow the LARA Curriculum. We welcome any ideas for regional collaborations our supporters may have, especially in the South West.

The LARA Curriculum can be studied full or part-time. There are no shortcuts to mastering drawing and painting, so the length of time it takes is dependent on your progress, and the days you can commit. Each module must be completely mastered before moving on to the next. The programme is usually completed in three years full-time.

Students follow a rigorous curriculum, completing both figure and studio modules in parallel. Working from life is an integral part of atelier training, and students have the opportunity to work from sustained poses to complete the series of exercises.

Figure Modules
Studio Modules

Figure drawing

Figure drawing is the basis of all good draftsmanship and drawing from life is the backbone of LARA’s process.

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Portrait drawing

Portrait drawing is an integral part of the LARA curriculum and students are encouraged to hire models throughout the program.

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Cast drawing

Cast drawing informs all aspects of the curriculum and is where students learn foundational principals that apply to all aspects of their work.

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Cast painting

Cast painting provides the student with an introduction to working with oil paint and is the first painting stage of the program.

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Figure painting

Figure painting presents one of the most significant and difficult challenges posed by the curriculum.

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Portrait painting

The portrait is an integral part of the curriculum and students are encouraged to work with portrait models throughout the program.

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Figure Sculpture

Figure Sculpture can be studied in a two week intensive workshop structure.

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Portrait sculpture

Portrait sculpture can be studied on weekend workshops or week long intensives.

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